Recent Work

View some examples of my most recent work below. More examples are available upon request.

Red Thread Brands Website

This was a website refresh I did for Red Thread Brands. It is a standard, HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript site with minimal PHP for the contact form. The design concept was initiated by me and flushed out/finalized by another designer. I wanted the styling and site animations to create a flow to carry a viewer to each subsequent section and give a feel of the team’s personality.

This Same Sky Shopify Website

This was a shopify website that uses a purchased theme that I customized to change the layout and allow for additional page templates. The design/desired functionality was given to me by a designer and I matched the theme to the updated look/feel/functionality.

Alive Ideas Landing Page

This was a landing page that I did that was added to a website that was already developed (I didn’t create the original site). The design/desired functionality was given to me by a designer and I went from there. The page utlizes parallax background and svg scroll animations and is responsive. The page is coded using HTML, CSS and Javascript/JQuery.

Synergy Realty Advisors Website

This was a website revamp built in WordPress. It utilizes the Divi theme and was customized by me.

SAGE Company Website Update

This was a total revamp of the SAGE website. The site is fully responsive and works on all modern browsers. It was built using the Foundation 5 Framework. It features a mega-menu that transitions into a mobile menu for mobile devices and includes scrolling animations on each page. It also includes a custom Google search function that is implemented into the website.

Uniquely Decatur

This was a logo design and selection of postcards for the visitor’s bureau in Decatur, Illinois. The goal was to represent their unique city and give visitors some historical city information.

SAGE Show Website

This was an update of the SAGE Show site. It is an event site that features animated text and images and is fully responsive. Many of the unique animations were customized by me. It also utilizes the Foundation 5 Framework.

The Village at Allen Website

This was a WordPress website for It uses a customized template and features an interactive directory map.

SAGE Responsive Websites

This is a landing page to explain our newly released responsive websites to SAGE customers. Javascript, JQuery and CSS3 were used for scrolling transitions. Some open source plugins were utilized and some was hand coded by me.

SAGE Online

This was a landing page for SAGE Online 14’s release. The sections fill the height of the browser window and slide vertically whenever the user scrolls the page. I utilized FullPage.js for the full page effect and custom coded the laptop animations in the sections.

Let’s Work Together

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like a quote. I’m always available for freelance or contract work and I’d be happy to help in any way I can! I’ll respond as soon as possible.